The Vault

So, I don’t know about you, but every now and then I do something categorically stupid.

Yeah, I know…I’m sure I’m alone on this, but hey, I’m not ashamed to admit it. When you’ve been in student ministry almost a decade, it’s unavoidable. Dumb things will happen. Sometimes en masse.

In my youth group we have a running gag about my dumb ideas/stupid decisions. We call it “The Vault.” It’s where we place the things that didn’t go as well as we would have liked. It’s actually gotten to be kind of fun, and I think (hope…pray!) my students  have learned something by how transparent I am when I make a wrong decision. As a matter of fact, at times I’ll say right in the middle of an activity or event, “Yeah, this one’s going in The Vault.” And they’ll let me know, too! “Bro. Michael…worst game ever. Put this one in The Vault!” So, for your entertainment, a few things that have gone in “The Vault” throughout the years:

  1. We had an Air Band competition once. I didn’t pre-screen the songs. You can put two-and-two together.
  2. We had a fellowship event (before we had a Youth Room) in the sanctuary that involved some elaborate decorating. The decorating involved a lot of glitter. The event ended at 9:30 on SATURDAY night. Yeah…churches are creepy when you’re vacuuming at 2 AM.
  3. I taught on purity in Sunday School once. With a mixed group. Of Junior Highers. Epic fail.
  4. As a sermon illustration, I had students eat some brownies, and then revealed that a small bit of laxative was in the brownies. The idea was to illustrate that “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” I actually illustrated that “a little laxative angereth the whole parental community.”
  5. We played a game that involved peanut butter and marshmellows. We didn’t put a tarp down. Oops.
  6. I had some of my students help me paint a wall red. The back of the Youth Room now looks like a dead body had been there.
  7. I was driving the church van to a rally, and I left my iPad sitting next to me. My Facebook still hasn’t recovered.
  8. I hosted an outdoor fellowship. In early September. In Florida. That was 4 hours long.
  9. I put a young person in charge of decorations for a Youth Revival. I didn’t give her a budget. Something about spending nearly 25% of your youth budget on decorations that will be up 3 days didn’t sit well with the Pastor…
  10. And, just last Friday, we were playing a game that involved running to the middle, pairing up, and racing to a wall. A student lost his balance. There’s now a hole in the youth room wall…about the size of someone’s head.

I’m not the only one that’s been there, am I? Am I? I doubt it!

So…what’s in YOUR “Vault?”

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