It’s Worth It

Just feel to give a word of encouragement to someone today, so here we go…

Ever feel like you’re in the “weeds” of Student Ministry? Like you’re spinning your wheels, and not getting anywhere? Like you keep planning, and prepping, and working, and shaping, and molding, but you’re not making any progress? If you’re raising your hand, so am I. It was a whirlwind weekend for me. It was a Youth Sunday weekend, and those are always pretty intense because of the planning and prep that goes into it. My weekend looked like this:

  • Friday night Youth Service
  • Saturday, up at 5 AM, to get ready to go help a single mom move
  • Saturday, once done with moving, trip to Wal-Mart to pick up spray paint
  • After picking up paint, spent 2 hours at the church with a student working on a stage design for Sunday night
  • Went home to work on a badly neglected yard until my hands were so cut up I gave up (literally)
  • Came inside to do laundry and attempt to study in between loads
  • Sunday…up at 5 AM to pray and continue to study
  • Before Sunday School, worked on a video and a Commitment Card being designed for the service that night
  • After Sunday School, shot a quick two-minute video, and set the stage up for Sunday night
  • Back at the church 2 hours before service to tweak the stage and prep a few more things…and to actually spend some time in prayer.

Exhausting. Frustrating. Wheel-spinning. Or so I thought. Until I saw the response of my students to the service. And the tears streaming down their cheeks as they responded to the message. And all of the energy on Facebook today as they encouraged each other to grow in their relationship with Christ.

You may feel like you’re getting no where…like what you do has no value. I want you to know, it’s worth it. It’s like the old MasterCard commercial:

  • Gas money – $20
  • Spray paint – $11
  • Meals because I wasn’t at home – $25
  • Lost sleep – A lot
  • Seeing students radically shift their focus to Jesus Christ – Priceless

If you’re in a rut and wondering if you’re making a difference, hold on. The breakthrough’s coming. You can make it. It’s worth it.

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