What We REALLY Want to Say!

As Student Pastors, we must be very careful what we say to students. We understand that every interaction we have with a student can either win them over or push them away. As a result, we choose our words wisely…but that doesn’t mean we WANT to. Here’s a glimpse into what we’re really thinking:

What we say: “Fred, that’s a great thought, but it’s a little off topic.”
What we WANT to say: “I don’t know what planet you’re on, but I’m on Earth. It’d be great if you’d join me.”

What we say: “I see where you’re coming from, but that’s not exactly what I”m looking for.”
What we WANT to say: “Where did you get THAT from? Are you even paying attention??”

What we say: “Jason, I’d appreciate it if you’d address me more respectfully.”
What we WANT to say: “If you talk to me like that one more time, I’m going to pull your leg off and beat you with it.”

What we say: “Wow…I know you thought you weren’t going on this trip. I’m glad you came up with the money on time!”
What we WANT to say: “You’ve been giving me problems for 4 months. I was desperately hoping you’re rich aunt would forget you existed until after the deadline.”

What we say: “It’s okay, Emily…just try to be more careful in the future.”
What we WANT to say: “If you break one more thing in this Youth Room, I’m going to break YOU!”

What we say: “I’ve been concerned about you lately.”
What we WANT to say: “You’ve been acting like a knucklehead. Quit it.”

What we say: “It’s all part of the job…don’t worry about it.”
What we WANT to say: “I’ll send you a bill for the 8 hours it’s going to take me to straighten this out.”

What we say: “That’s a great start for a first sermon, Jeff! Keep working on it…you’re gonna do just fine.”
What we WANT to say: “I had no idea what you’re point was.”

What we say: “No problem, man…I’ll take you home.”
What we WANT to say: “I’m going to shoot your parents.”

What we say: “I know we’re going to do well with this fundraiser…if you give it your best, we can do this together!”
What we WANT to say: “There’s no way these kids are going to be able to sell this garbage.”

What we say: “Let’s stay focused, guys.”
What we WANT to say: “SHUT UP!!!!”

What we say: “Keep your hands to yourself, Jessie.”
WHat we WANT to say: “If you can’t figure out how to keep your hands off of the girls I’m going to cut them off at the wrists.”

What we say: “I’m extremely proud of how far you’ve come.”
What we WANT to say: “I was on the verge of giving up, but you’ve made me believe in myself again. Thank you.”

Anything to add to the list?

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