Things You Don’t Want to Hear on a Youth Trip

Ah, youth trips. They are often some of the most impacting experiences in our students’ lives. They create a sense of community, refocus your group spiritually, and create lasting memories that your students will carry with them long after adulthood.

Then there’s the OTHER side of youth trips. So, in no particular order, here is a list of things you DON’T want to hear on a youth trip.

1. “I forgot my permission slip…but I’m really good at signing my Mom’s signature.”
2. “I know you said we had a two-bag limit for this three-day trip, but I couldn’t get down to less than five. Is that okay?”
3. “Can you pull over? I think Joe’s getting si- …nevermind. Do you have any paper towels?”
4. “Were we supposed to bring money?”
5. (Pulling into the church after a 13-hour drive) “Hey, sorry, I just woke up…were we supposed to call our parents already?”
6. (Loudly, in the middle of a crowded hotel lobby) “Do I have to be in her room?” Me: I thought you were best friends??? ” Not anymore! I am NOT staying in her room after what she did!”
7. (39 minutes since our last stop) “Hey…has anyone seen Jennifer?”
8. “I got snacks! My Mom hooked me up with Doritos, Fritos, corn nuts, and every other snack that smells like feet in a packed church van.”
9. “I’m sorry, but…I have really bad gas today.”

And the absolute WORST thing to hear on Youth trip…..

10. Silence. They’re always plotting something when they’re quiet!!

Anything to add to the list?

1 thought on “Things You Don’t Want to Hear on a Youth Trip

  1. TOOOO funny! Here are my additions:
    1. (At the time you’re supposed to leave, the phone call) “I just woke up! I’ll be there in 45 minutes- is that ok?”
    2. (When you’ve spent 3 weeks agonizing over [students(boys/girls)+seats+baby carseats]/[(cars/drivers) x mpg] and everything is down to a T, and when everyone’s loading up…) “My friend Scott decided to come after all.”
    3. (In the girls’ room) “I FORGOT BOBBY PINS!!!”

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