Are We Asking Too Much?

Haven’t updated my blog in a really long time. A home remodeling project, followed by Youth Camp, followed by a torn Achilles all resulted in this being the first real opportunity I’ve had in a while to blog…and it may be short today, but hopefully it’s meaningful.

There’s a simple thought that’s been gnawing at me lately. Here it is: are we asking too much of our students? It’s something to consider. We want them to witness, we want them to live righteously, we want them to be worshippers, we want them to make right decisions…all while finding direction for their lives, doing well in school, finding their first job, etc.

Are we asking too much of them? I tend to raise the bar fairly high for my students. I believe that young people can reach amazing heights if we’ll believe in them and push them. I believe challenging young people to take their relationship with God to the next level is vital for the future spiritual and earthly success. But…I also believe that we can overwhelm our students if we don’t miss one essential component. Ask yourselves this question:

Have I taught my students how to pray?

Yes, we want our students to connect to the church. We want them to connect to purpose. We want them to pursue greatness, and push themselves to do hard things for God and make the hard decisions…but is it really realistic to push for these things if we haven’t taught and emphasized prayer with them?

When I first became the Youth Pastor for our church, I spoke with a mentor of mine and asked his advice. He had a very solid student ministry. The students in his group were very kingdom-minded and evangelistic. I wanted to know, “How do you produce that?” His answer: Teach them how to pray, and teach them to fall in love with prayer.

As a result, the first 8 months as Youth Pastor all we did was teach on prayer and pray. We’re still feeling the results. Lately I’ve felt the Spirit drawing me back to a strong emphasis on this…with incredible results already.

So the answer is…are we asking too much of our students? Yes. If we haven’t taught them to pray. If we have…the sky’s the limit.

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