Use What’s in Your Hand

Did you ever watch Looney Tunes growing up (If not, I think I can pinpoint what’s wrong with your childhood)? It was a Saturday morning ritual for us. As I grew older, though, some questions began to creep into my mind….

  • If Wile E. Coyote had all that money for ACME products, couldn’t he have just bought dinner?
  • Is Tweety Bird a girl, or a boy?
  • What exactly is succotash, and why is it sufferin’?

The biggest question to me is…when Bugs Bunny reaches behind his back, and pulls out a mallet (or a carrot, or a club, or whatever)…where does it come from? Is there this magic portal into space that resides behind his back? I have no idea, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I wish I knew how to do that. Unfortunately, we don’t get that advantage in real life.

All we have is what’s in our hands.

This is more directed at us bi-vocational Student Pastors and Youth Workers today. It’s easy for us to look at all the things that we CAN’T do. We can’t be on school campuses as much as we like. We can’t spend the majority of our day cruising around with our students, or having lunch with them. We don’t have time to redo our stage set for every lesson series. We don’t have time to touch base with every one of our students personally every week.

Certainly there are moments where we may fantasize about how much more of an impact we could make if we didn’t have to work our job and still find time for what we are truly passionate about. Those of us who have a family on top of that find the struggle for balance even more difficult. We can allow ourselves to get down in the dumps about it if we want to do so.

Or we can use what’s in our hands.

Moses stood before the Red Sea. He had a million people under his care. He had to find a way to lead them effectively to safety. He didn’t have a boat. He didn’t have the time or tools to make a boat. All he had was a staff in his hand. So he cried out to God, and he stretched out his staff. Finally, something miraculous happened; the sea parted, and the people were saved.

You may not have all of the tools you think you need…but you have the power of prayer. We forget sometimes that ultimately these are His students. His desire is not to put you into a situation where you are ineffective…but rather, we must believe that He will make up in the places where we are deficient. So there are two things we can learn from Moses:

1. Use your “staff”, if you have one. Not a stick, of course, but people. Find out what their strengths are, and involve them. You may not be able to get it all done yourself, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

2. Pray, and allow God to use what you DO have, instead of fretting over what you don’t.

Always remember, through God all things are possible. If He’s for us, who can be against us? You don’t have to dream small because you’re bi-vocational. “Realistic” dreams are for wimps. Use what’s in your hand, and let God figure out the rest.

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