About this Blog

Who I Am

My name is Michael, and my greatest desire in life is to challenge students to be everything God has created them to be.

I’ve been in Student Ministry for over 10 years. I began this journey as a chaplain for our Christian school in 2002. In 2004, I joined our church’s youth team as the Jr High Leader, while also teaching the Jr High Sunday School class. I served as Youth Pastor of Youth Ablāz Student Ministries from 2009-Feb 2013. I have served as the Florida District Youth Team as the Section 3 Youth President since 2010.

I currently attend the First United Pentecostal Church of Jacksonville (Senior Pastor Lester J. Green/Pastor John F. Hopkins III). I’m married to the most amazing woman ever, Samantha Guerra, and have two beautiful daughters, Loretta (4) and Ruby (2).

Why This Blog Exists

Youth Leaders/Student Workers/Whatever they’re called have been a burden of mine for years. I remember what it’s like striking out in this, and the fact is there is very little formal training that takes place in most instances. We learn a lot of things on the fly. And, given most of us are very busy running our own groups, there is little collaboration.

So I started this blog to simply throw “mashed potatoes” against the wall, hoping it will help someone. My desire is that at some point something here will “stick” in your ministry, and you’ll find it beneficial. Admittedly, some of it is cathartic as well. I love to write, and I love Student Ministers, so it seemed like the thing to do!

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