Spring Break – Student Pastor Style

It’s “Spring Break” time of the year, and my students are in full vacation mode. I figured I would compare their Spring Break to mine.

My Students’ Spring Breaks consist of (in no particular order):

  • Road trip to West Palm
  • Visiting the local fair
  • Seeing an out-of-town girlfriend
  • Playing a ton of video games
  • Staying up late watching old movies with friends
  • Living at each other’s houses
  • Talking/texting until late into the night
  • Going to the beach
  • Vacation in Tennessee
  • Spend way too much time on Facebook (I mean…WAY too much)
  • Eat a bunch of pizza
  • Setting new records for consecutive hours of sleep
  • Setting new records for most caffeine consumed

What Student Pastors are doing for Spring Break:

  • Working
  • Prepping sermons that will be preached to half of the youth group, since everyone else is out of town
  • Working
  • Catching up on admin work for the youth group
  • Working
  • Staying up late just to have to get up early
  • Working
  • Did I mention we’ll be working?

And they can’t wait to graduate High School?? As they would say…SMH!

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