A Day in the Life…

Okay, so you’ve seen some of those multi-panel images showing what it’s like to be in a particular field. I stumbled across one on Facebook describing Pastoring. Well, here’s my best stab at Student Pastoring:

Yep, all of us who are Student Pastors know the role isn’t as glamorous as it seems at times from the outside looking in. As a matter of fact, it’s normally a fast-paced, ever-moving battle to keep up! So, for those who may stumble across this blog who are not currently Student Pastors (and for those who are that want a good laugh), here’s a random day in my life as a Youth Pastor. Let’s pick last Thursday, just for the fun of it.

5:00 AM – Prayer with my wife

5:45 AM – Wake up for the 4th time while trying to pray, get dressed.

5:59 AM – On my way out the door…a minute early!

6:00 AM – Go back in to grab my laptop.

6:01 AM – Go back in to get my lunch.

6:02 AM – Go back in to get my toolbox; hunt in the shed for the tool that is missing in my toolbox.

6:13 AM – Give up searching and finally head toward my destination…13 minutes late.

7:02 AM – Get to the gym, begin working out (I’m a little too fluffy…don’t judge me).

8:15 AM – Leave the gym to go to my desk (we have an onsite gym; yay me).

9:30 AM – Send my class on break (I’m a Corporate Trainer for a living) so I can respond to the two voicemails I have from parents.

10:45 AM – Send my class on break again so I can respond to the 5 texts I’ve gotten from my students.

12:30 PM – Send my class to lunch; drive to Chick-Fil-A to sit in the parking lot to steal their wifi to study for Youth Service while I eat the lunch I packed (I’m broke…again, don’t judge me!).

1:30 PM – Return to work.

2:45 PM – Send my students on break so I can return a voicemail from my Pastor. One of “those” voicemails.

5:00 PM – Off work. Return a phone call from one of my students. Convince said student the world is not ending because a girl he likes is interested in a different guy.

5:37 PM – Actually leave work.

6:15 PM – Arrive at Home Depot to buy stuff for working on the Youth Room.

7:00 PM – Leave Home Depot and head to the Youth Room…after stopping at another store to pick something up for my wife I almost forgot about.

7:15 PM – Arrive at the Youth Room to begin working on a stage design. Forgot it’s being used for Bible Quizzing practice. Oops.

7:20 PM – After unloading the car, try to very, very quietly work on the stage design.

9:36 PM – Leave the Youth Room and head home.

9:52 PM – Eat dinner (told you….I’m broke!).

9:58 PM – Finished with dinner, play with my kids for a few minutes before they have to get ready for bed.

10:12 PM – Put the kids in bed.

10:20 PM – Sit down to read the Bible.

10:23 PM – Take the 3-year-old to the bathroom. Put her back in bed. Back to reading the Bible.

10:27 PM – Get up to get my wife a bottle for the baby. Back to reading the Bible.

10:33 PM – Actually finish reading the Bible. Sit down to spend a few minutes with my wife.

10:47 PM – Pack gym bag to go to bed. Wake baby up in the process. Put an ice pack on my head after my wife clubs me for waking up said baby.

11:01 PM – Go to bed. One minute late. Slightly concussed. Get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

What about you? How does your day look?

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