My Job Description

I’m a part of a Facebook group for Apostolic Student Pastors, and recently a conversation got going on there about Student Pastor job descriptions. It didn’t take long for the entire conversation to get derailed, because, as we know, the job description document is not all-encompassing. As a matter of fact, most of the real day-to-day work that we do as youth leaders isn’t found anywhere on paper. So, here’s my best attempt at a REAL Student Ministry job description.

Duties include, but not limited to:

  • Scraping gum off of the van floor
  • Repairing holes on the wall
  • Returning other departments’ equipment who “borrowed” the youth room throughout the week (“Oh, it’s no big deal…get your students to help you!”)
  • Retrieve items from around the church that belong in the youth room, but were “borrowed” by other departments
  • M.O.P. duty in the parking lot after youth functions while waiting for parents to come pick up their kids (M.O.P. = Make Out Patrol)
  • Mediating verbal/physical altercations (“She’s MY girlfriend!” “No…she likes me better!”)
  • Re-cleaning the bathroom after your students get done playing an impromptu game of mud football, and decide to wash up in the bathroom that was just freshly cleaned for Sunday
  • Passing the time in the Emergency Room with the student who sprained her ankle at 9 PM at Youth Camp
  • Playing Camp Nurse to make sure said student takes her pain meds on a scheduled basis following this ER trip
  • Relationship counselor
  • Church sign changer (just for you, Noah)
  • General errand-runner
  • Fundraising coordinator (and by coordinator, I mean do EVERYTHING)
  • Tissue substitute for the student who just wants a shoulder to cry on
  • Personal Hygiene instructor (can I get an “AMEN” from those in Jr. High Ministry???)
  • Gossip control center
  • Arbitrary apologizer (Sir, I’m sorry my student stuck his head under your drink fountain to see how much Coke he could chug in 30 seconds. We promise to never come back. Ever.)
  • Hair style defender (Mom, he’s not going to Hell because his hair is spiky)
  • Oh yeah…and something about preaching. And some other stuff, maybe. But don’t forget to lock up the whole church after every event!

What about you? Have anything to add to the list?

3 thoughts on “My Job Description

  1. Soda machine maintenance man, amateur electrician(youth room lighting), last minute service leader, culture commentator. Some titles I fill that I didn’t see listed!

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